About Dolton, Illinois.

Located in Cook County, Illinois, Dolton is a moderately large community containing over 23,000 residents. Homes in Dolton put you right on the cusp of some of Illinois' best real estate properties and schools. Dolton luxury homes for sale allow you to live like royalty right in the heart of the most beautiful landscapes in Illinois.Families will enjoy Dolton four bedroom homes for sale and Dolton three bedroom homes for sale.
If you're looking to retire or for a smaller property, look at Dolton condos for sale. Dolton is also home to a number of great opportunities to build your Illinois dream home with Dolton for sale. If you want to know where you can find the best neighborhoods, take a look at our list of Dolton top subdivisions such as the Marydale Manor subdivision; Commuters are in luck as Dolton is a less than a half hour from Chicago. The area also has an excellent school system and has been home to famous residents such as NFL great Donovan McNabb, actress Jane Lynch, and movie critic Richard Roeper.
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